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  • JSON to MessagePack - Convert JSON text, document or file into MessagePack format that is viewable in HEX
  • MessagePack to JSON - Visualize MessagePack encoded data (in HEX, UInt8Array, Base64 or Percent Encoding format) by converting it into JSON format
  • HTML to JSON Converter - Convert HTML document to JSON by extracting HTML tables from it
  • JSON to Avro Schema - Convert any JSON document or file into an Avro schema
  • JSON to CSV Converter - Convert JSON text (even nested ones) into CSV format using the delimiter of your choice. Output in tabular format is also available
  • RTF to JSON Converter - Extract JSON stored in RTF files
  • JSON to Avro Converter - Convert JSON document or file to avro data file
  • Avro to JSON Converter - Convert Avro file to JSON for visualization
  • CSV to JSON Converter - CSV to JSON Converter is an online tool to convert CSV data into JSON. Choose whether property names are auto generated or taken from the header

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